About AOD and The Face Behind the Design

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Amanda RegisterHi My name is Amanda. I am the face behind the design. I love to bake, design and snuggle with my cute pup, Roxy. As a kid, I rearranged my room every other week. I had wild ideas and big dreams. And I still do. I have a dream to make life beautiful and to help others make their lives beautiful. Design has been a theme through my life. Fine arts, graphic design, photography, CADD, interior design. Yes, I’m into it all and I really want to bring it together with my home decor products in hopes to make your home feel like a space that is perfectly curated for you.


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An Occasional Design started as a small stationery company in 2009. Since then we evolved from making handmade invitations and greeting cards to beautifully printed invitations and greeting cards. In 2017 we added tea towels and etched baking dishes to the mix. This has led us to branch off of An Occasional Design to create AOD Home Style.

Our vision for AOD Home Style is not just to create an online store where you can find decor that will make your home feel like home, we want to create a community of decor loving, style obsessed, baking enthusiasts that will come together to share their tips, tricks, and all around wonderful personalities with each other. If this sounds right up your ally, join us on Instagram, Facebook or our email list. Send me a DM or email and introduce yourself. I want to know each one of you, what your style is and what makes you thrive. I look forward to meeting you!